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Three Ways to Celebrate Lammas

One of my goals this summer was to create new traditions and things to look forward to. One of those has been research and celebrating pagan holidays. I’ve dabbled in trying a few pagan rituals over the winter, but in the summer I’ve started to make each sabbat a full celebration. Each one is centered around the changing seasons, and paying attention to those changes has restored a sense of time moving forward that I had started to lose during the spring.

Always celebrated on August 1st, Lammas (or Lughnasadh) is the first of three harvest celebrations of the year. It heralds the coming of fall, celebrating what has grown throughout the summer and will be harvested later during fall. Lammas also celebrates metaphorical abundance, and is a day to reflect on all we have to to be grateful for.

Here are a few simple ways to celebrate.

Spend time outside

As the sun wans and days begin to grow shorter, take the opportunity to enjoy the remaining warmth of summer and get outside. You can also open all the windows let warm air circulate throughout your home.


Since Lammas celebrates the harvest of wheat, baking with flour is a great way to celebrate. If you’re truly not a baker, pop some popcorn, cook with seasonal herbs like basil, or sip a summer brew.

Give back

Lammas is about celebrating and having gratitude for abundance. Consider what you have an abundance of, and how you can share some of it with your community. Perhaps you can give food to a local food bank, items you no longer need to a thrift store, or extra funds in your budget to a cause that resonates with you. If you have extra time, volunteer to pick up trash at a local park or beautify a local cemetery.

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