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Betty Boop Cartoons are Stranger Than I Remember

Growing up my sisters and I would spend a lot of time in the summer visiting our grandparents in Rhode Island. When it was really hot, we watched movies in their basement. They had a ton of bootleg Disney and Peanuts movies, but I remember watching Betty Boop shorts as well.

The one I remember the most involved sick cars getting repaired in a hospital (which I found for this post!) When I rewatched it this week, I realized I had forgotten how strange and surreal the shorts actually were. I guess I just never noticed when I was younger how weird each scenario Betty is placed in, the strangeness amplified by the jaunty music each short is set to.


  1. Weird. This is the only Betty Boop episode I can remember ever watching too. I don’t think I watched it regularly as a kid, I was a Looney Tunes fan.


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