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I Cut My Teeth On The Night

Last night I dreamed
that my teeth

Popped in my mouth
like popcorn
cutting my cheeks

I spit the shards
and blood
on the ground

My tongue told me
a row of
new ones were left

They were thin, pointy
I smiled
cutting the night


Just offered this up at Dverse’s open link night. Last one before summer break!


    • I actually got the idea from real life tooth pain. I have incredibly sensitive teeth, and ate something that completely inflamed them a few weeks ago. At one point I just imagined them all popping like popcorn.

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  1. sanaarizvi says

    Yikes! This is gruesome but at the same time beautifully expressed, touching lightly upon themes (from what I feel) of anxiety, paranoia and unrest. 💝

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  2. I love this. Very vivid and horrifying!

    The funny thing is, I always hear of people saying how they dreamt of their teeth falling out (or something to a similar effect), and I just realize each time, I never had a dream like that. It’s weird to me that I haven’t! Hahaha.

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading this piece very much. You are such a fantastic writer.

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  3. Enjoy the new teeth,
    But please pass over
    Me and my loved ones
    as we feel our tongues
    string along the line
    We have no defense against you

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