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Muse of the Day


  1. I can never quite get behind this opening line without cringing a little. I dearly love 1984 (if love of a dystopia is possible?) – but this… isn’t it a bit, clonky? I understand that it sets up the scene immediately for the reader – yeah, the world is essentially the same, but different. An extra hour has been added to the day, just for the spite of it; just to, I suppose, drag another 60 minutes out of the workers by the cruel overseers, the lie is the truth, etc (or have I misunderstood? Is it suggesting that 13 is not the last hour? Is it a reference to what we now use – the 24 hour clock? – I don’t know! The first chapter establishes this shift in the norm more than adequately. Oh, damn you, Big Brother! And you, George Orwell, with your brilliance and everything! 🙂

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