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Off the Coast of Bermuda

The sun is long gone

and the stars are being

outshined by the

brightest moon of the year

The air is cool

but the spray from

the waves is warmer

then I expected

The boat speeds us out

to the edge of

a mystical realm

Known for mirth and mayhem

We peer through the

glass bottom, looking

for coral, sea creatures

And the bones of ships

Sunk long ago


Written in response to Dverse’s Take Me With You prompt. Drop by to visit even more exotic places!


  1. Beverly Crawford says

    When I’m on water, I often wonder at what worlds lie below. I live near what was once a peaceful little valley, its little creek dammed and flooded for forward progress. In times of drought, the tops of trees appear == sentinels that once stood tall and proud, where native Americans camped by Creekside. I had a friend who could not return to the farm of her childhood because it now lies beneath the waters of a lake built for modern recreation.


  2. Bermuda is another place I have never been, and you took me to a magical place with your poem. I love the night-time setting and the shift from sky through air to waves, from a slower to a quicker pace with the speeding boat, and then down into the sea – and what a view!

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