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One Day at a Time

Being out of work with literally nowhere to go has been a strange series of highs and lows. In the first few days, I was trying too hard to be productive, starting a laundry list of life improving habits to make the most of my new windfall of time. I wasn’t taking time to process the life altering events occurring around me. This led to a lot of irrational frustration with my inability to essentially, feel better. “I’m eating carrots, why am I still feeling stressed out?” is an example of how ridiculous I was getting.

After reading a number of articles by various mental health experts, I decided I needed to give myself a break. I spent a week binging TV, eating Oreos, and mourning the end of life as I knew it. I paused myself. By the next Monday, I was ready to ease back into a productive routine of writing, exercising, and finishing existing projects around my house. I started some free online courses. I still watch a lot of TV.

Today I received notice from my employer that I’m being called back to work. They have coyly phrased it as a project without an end date, but I’ll take what I can get. Hopefully, with our state’s stay at home order expiring the first week of May, it will be permanent.

How are you doing?


  1. Oh, I’m glad for you! The not-knowing about work is hard. My freelance work comes in fits and starts, often, but I’ve definitely felt a lull this spring. It’s no surprise–I write a lot of fundraising stuff, and it’s hard to ask people for money when they’re out of work and struggling. As much as I always think I’ll get more of my creative stuff done when I have less work, that’s not always the case. I finished up my few last work projects, Monday. It felt really good (because then I got to invoice), but it’s also scary, not knowing when the work’s going to ramp up again. And today, I’m copying all my files on my computer in advance of my computer finally giving up the ghost, which I fear it’s going to do any day now!

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  2. Janice Reilly says

    Glad you are going back to work. I am doing well. I am not one to go out much but now that I can’t it’s trying. I go for little walks each days. Best of luck and be careful. Hello to Kurt ❤️

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