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Trying Something New: Spoken Word Poetry

Ever since I dived back into creative writing a few years ago, I’ve toyed with the idea of recording spoken word poetry. I love watching other poets read their work on Instagram and here on WordPress. But when it came to recording my own, I kept chickening out. I hated the idea of posting a video of myself, and I was uncomfortable listening to my own voice. I even recorded a video a few months ago, only to delete it.

I had given up on the idea until I started seeing so many TV personalities broadcasting from their homes this month. From local meteorologists forecasting the weather from their living rooms to political commentators like Bill Maher broadcasting from his backyard, many are making it work, often without makeup or much technical assistance. So I gave recording my poetry one more shot, and the resulting video is below.

Ultimately, I recorded the audio first, and the visuals second, opting to film a flickering candle in my bathroom as the backdrop. I then put the two together and added the words to my poem at the bottom with a video editing app. It’s a little goofy to me, but I posted to Instagram anyways. I felt like I could tinker with it endlessly, and continue putting off publishing.

Seeing it online felt like ripping a band-aid off. Now I feel inspired to write some new poems better suited to being read out loud, and come up with new video ideas.


  1. Annette Kalandros says

    I applaud you for being so brave! I thought you did an excellent job. I would not have known it was your first time doing so.

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