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The Thing About Being Essential

I’ve worked for the same company for over ten years. Like anything you do for ten years can, my job has slowly started to feel more like a rut then a routine over the last few years. Watching more and more responsibilities be added to my job description as I move from being an admin to a manager, while remaining an hourly employee, has been frustrating. It has left me and others in my position feeling terribly under appreciated, like we are expendable workers. Couldn’t our company acknowledge that we working in the field are indispensable to their operations?

Well, you know what they say. Be careful what you wish for. Who would have thought being deemed essential would look like this. Wearing a mask and rubber gloves at work, arming my car with Lysol wipes so I can clean my shoes before I return home, sterilizing the laundry basket designated for my work clothes. Researching how to avoid cross contamination, because my employer gave me a bag of latex gloves but no process for using them. Wading through conflicting emails regarding safety and cost control. All for the sake of checking voicemail, collecting the daily mail, and ensuring that the internet is working and the server room stays cool at my office.

As intense as it is, it does mean that everyone else in the office is able to work from home. I am much luckier then other essential workers, working in a mostly empty office, versus a crowded grocery store or a hospital. And although my company can be as exasperating as any other large corporation, I’m trying not to be over critical. Ultimately, if the goal is to keep as many people working from home as possible, their plan is working.


  1. I also need to go into work most days. That’s where the accounting system and the necessary (paper) files are. Every now and then I see my boss, but we are rarely there at the same time and our offices are far from each other. I bring this up because I’m not wearing mask and gloves (although my fingers are split open from washing and sanitizing). If I’m never in the same room with her, do I need a mask?

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    • Probably not, but I would definitely wear one to a grocery store or other high traffic area. I’m wearing one because I’m going in and out of a larger building with other companies that are still active. Also, I don’t want to breath all over the mail I’m forwarding out.

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      • You’re a kind person. I’m just operating as if I don’t have the virus… until I do. I haven’t really interacted with anyone since masks became a thing in the States.

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