Strange Writing
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I never

forgot to blow the air

with force out of my nose whenever

my head was abruptly submerged underwater

exhaling to keep my lungs from filling up with

the cold ocean that stings my eyes and

the little cuts from my

razor blade

wading past our knees to

see if the waves could knock us over

or that time we jumped off Jaws bridge on the Vinyard

Except now I am the only one creating

the waves that knock me over filling

my lungs up my head deep



Just posted this on Dverse’s open link night, check out some of the other great poetry over there tonight!


    • I was trying to capture the anxiety of being a newly christened adult in uncertain times… I had a happy ending eventually!


  1. Beverly Crawford says

    Oh dear! This is a bit disturbing, and I had to take a good long breath at the end …. just to be sure I could!

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    • Thank you! I was trying to capture the feeling of being fearless in your twenties, and then losing that fearlessness when crossing into full adulthood.


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