Strange Happenings
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Strange Happenings in March

March holds much to look forward to. The start of spring, the year’s first super moon, and the one day a year restaurants list a boiled dinner as the day’s special. There’s also new books to read and new shows to watch while we wait out the wind and rain that usually make up winter’s last gasps.

March 1st

We Ride Upon Sticks by Quan Barry on shelves. Set in Danvers, Massachusetts during the 1989, a high school field hockey team discovers witchcraft may be the key to a winning season. Since I grew up in a small Massachusetts town and also played field hockey in high school, I am absolutely looking forward to reading this book! My team certainly could have used a little magic to break our cycle of losing seasons.

Dispatches from Elsewhere begins on AMC. A departure from much of Jason Segal’s previous work, ‘Dispatches’ follows four people from different walks of life who’s lives are changed by a puzzle that opens them up to a world of possibility and magic. Also starring Sally Fields and Andre 3000.

March 6th

The Most Dangerous Animal of All begins on FX. A four part series based on the New York Times best seller, this docu-series follows a man’s ten year search to find his father, who abandoned his family, only to uncover a chilling possibility.

March 9th

Full moon and first super moon of the year.

March 13

Season 2 of Kingdom streaming on Netflix. If you are not familiar with Netflix’s first original Korean series, Friday the 13th is the perfect day to bing seasons one and two. The period drama is set during the 1500s, when a strange plague begins to spread throughout a kingdom after the king comes back from the dead.

Agatha Christie’s The Pale Horse streaming on Amazon prime. This two part series will be Sarah Phelp’s fifth adaptation of an Agatha Christie novel, an atmospheric mystery involving the murder of a young woman, a list of names, and a trio of rumored witches.

March 15th

Season 3 of Westworld begins on HBO. It’s been over a year since we last saw Dolores’s masterplan unfold, and I’m eagerly anticipating seeing what she will do next.

March 17th

Saint Patrick’s Day

March 18th

True Terror with Robert Englund begins on the Travel Channel. The horror movie legend narrates tales from the more sinister side of history. I’ve discovered a few interesting haunted places to visit from watching Travel channel shows, and I’m hoping this one gives me a few more.

March 19th

Spring Equinox

March 24th

The Return by Rachel Harrison on shelves. A group of friends is reunited after one of them returns after being missing for two years with no memory of what transpired. Her best friend cannot ignore that something about her is not the same.

March 31st

Devoted by Dean Kootz on shelves, available for free to Amazon prime and Kindle unlimited members. A mute boy vows revenge on his fathers killer, who is also bent on destroying humanity.

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