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Storm – Radhika

I love a good storm, and this poem by Radhika captures a thunderstorm sweeping over the ocean perfectly!


The Raging Orchestra!

Tar grey clouds conquer the horizon

howling gales pick up momentum  

thunderous rumbles lash out

rains pound down with vengeance

the enraged sea seethes ire

unforgiving, it devours all in its fold

 monstrous waves build up a crescendo

the livid sea sings a tempestuous opera!

The fabric of life is sewn together with myriad hues of threads. My words find a voice to my thoughts which brings out a tapestry of seamless weaves on life. I stitch together the many intriguing facets of life on my blog It is a potpourri of photographs, poetry, prose and reflections. Currently I am working on bringing out my first book of poetry.

Image by Gerhard Bögner from Pixabay

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