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Quadrille 2

I love steeping in a winter bath

being enveloped by the water

the quiet splashes

fragrant bubbles caressing my cheek

warmth removing tension

muscles slowly unknotting

oils soothing my skin

But eventually water cools

the embrace loosens

And I must emerge

into the cold


  1. what a lovely image of steeping myself in a bath, i could do just that, and i love getting out into the cold, makes the skin feel an exhilaration! lovely quadrille – soft and tender

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  2. I like your unique approach to using the word steep. I do enjoy a long warm bubble bath it’s calming and relaxing but, in winter it can be very cold emerging.

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  3. Yes, the worst part is getting out into the cold! Home today because of weather so this one really speaks to me. I think this quadrille could also have a metaphorical voice. 🙂

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  4. There are few things better than a long bath in winter. I’ve been known to just keep topping off with more hot water 😉 I love your use of envelope/embrace/emerge.

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