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Two Familiar Coins

Last Friday I wandered into the Panera after a long week and a busy day to finally eat lunch at 2:00. As a trudged over to the shelf to grab my bagged sandwich, I heard a familiar song drifting through the restaurant, Dispatch’s Two Coins. A wave of nostalgia washed over me as I slid into a vacant booth.

Dispatch was a popular indie band when I was in college, and I have many memories of studying, parties, beach days, and bonfires with their music playing in the background. I even attended their huge reunion show at the Hatch Shell in Boston. Funnily enough, my future husband went to that concert as well. We wouldn’t meet until later though, and it would be years before we realized we were both there.



  1. Great song! My sister got me into that song, so it reminds me of her. Have you heard of Guster? Their earlier records are quite similarly to Dispatch.

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  2. Lost time. My wife and I circled around each other’s orbit for two years with mutual friends and never noticed each other. When fate misses her mark, she tries again.

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