Strange Happenings
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Strange Happenings in January

2020 has arrived, and there is a lot to look forward to! If you’re New Year’s resolution was to read more, there are three horror themed short story compilations that might ease you back into a solid reading habit. Planning on exercising more? Considering binging either Amazon‘s new WWII drama or Ted Bundy true crime documentary series while you’re working out.

Don’t forget to look up at the sky this month as well. The first full moon of the month is on the 10th, and later this month Venus will appear with a thin crescent moon.

January 1st

Black is the Devil’s Rainbow: Tales of A Journeyman by Clive Barker on shelves. There appears to be hardly any information about Clive Barker’s new book on the internet, other then it’s New Year’s day release. Amazon doesn’t even have an image of the cover on it’s pre-order listing. We’ll just have to wait on the edge of our seats to find out more.

January 7th

A Nest of Nightmares by Lisa Tuttle on shelves. Unlike Black is the Devil’s Rainbow, A Nest of Nightmare’s is well known among horror fans. Originally released in 1986, but never published in the US, the collection of 13 short stories is now being made available as part of Valancourt Book’s Paperback’s from Hell series. The reprint will feature the art from the original cover by Nick Bantock. If your a fan of Bantock’s books, you may recognize the featherless, screaming birds in his design.

January 10th

Full Moon. The first full moon of the year is known as the Wolf Moon, named after hungry wolves howling outside of Native American villages.

January 24th

The Forgotten Army available for streaming on Amazon Prime. A new drama series created and directed by Kabir Kahn, the limited series is set in the WWII era. The revolves around Subhas Chandra Bose‘s Indian National Army, who attempted to shake off British rule in India by enlisting help from Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

Didn’t know that happened in WWII? Neither did I, and now I can’t wait to watch this show.

January 26

The Lost Unabomber Tapes premieres on Reelz. A new true-crime miniseries on a well covered subject, the “never released until now” material that Reelz is promising are recordings of interviews conducted with Kaczynski three months into his prison term, and audio recordings of interviews taken when he was a 16 year old enrolled in Harvard University.

At the time, Kaczynski was taking part of a controversial experiment at Harvard conducted by Dr. Henry Murray designed to test how well a person could withstand intense interrogation. It has been theorized that being a part of this experiment is what made Kaczynski snap, so it will be interesting to see footage of him at such drastically differant periods of his life, even if Reelz’s true crime shows sometimes tend to drift toward a tabloid-esque tone.

January 28th

Watch for a thin crescent moon to pass close to Venus just after sunset. Venus is always visible just after sunset and right before dawn in the winter, and looks extra pretty shining brightly next to a new moon.


January 31
Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer available for streaming on Amazon Prime. Another examination of possibly the most famous serial killer in history, this new documentary miniseries may still be able to offer a fresh take on the Ted Bundy story with interviews by his long silent former girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall, her daughter Molly, and other survivors.

As Summer’s Mask Slips, and Other Disruptions by Gordon B. White on Shelves. White’s debut short story collection has been very positively reviewed, most notable by Publisher’s Weekly, who described it as “a love letter to the horror genre.”  I’m looking forward to reading it!

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