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Senryu 47 – L. Stevens

I really appreciate having another poem featured on Freeverse Revolution. I would highly recommend checking out the fantastic poetry on the site.


my fingers retreat

curling into the warm spot

your hand abandoned

L. Stevens is an intj who loves learning about everything and filing it away for later. She finished second in little infinite’s first haiku contest and her poetry been featured by Pack Poetry and Free Verse Revolution. She writes short stories and poetry about the moon, darkness, and anything else lurking in the deep abyss of her imagination. Occasionally, rays of light shine through her work to contrast the shadows.

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  1. Creepy pic. I’m an INTJ too. I wonder about those traits and leadership roles. The few bona fide INTJs I know can’t be bothered with people and therefore make crappy leaders. You overcome this?

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    • To a certain extent. I read an article once that said INTJs tend to stay in the background until it becomes absolutely necessary for them to take control of a situation, which pretty much describes me.

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  2. Ha–INTJs unite! Me, too. And to Jeff, there, above: I work by myself, for myself, and most of my fave people are in books, though I keep a select few of the fully-fleshed out human variety around for fun!

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      • I know working alone has its disadvantages, and some who do miss the camaraderie from colleagues, but it works for me! Best of luck on your career change. Btw, there’s a fellow blogger (Becca Carnahan from With Love, Becca) a humor/mom/career coach blogger, who has a ton of free career coaching resources at her blog. Just in case any would help you in your journey!

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