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Senryu 47 – L. Stevens

I really appreciate having another poem featured on Freeverse Revolution. I would highly recommend checking out the fantastic poetry on the site.


  1. Creepy pic. I’m an INTJ too. I wonder about those traits and leadership roles. The few bona fide INTJs I know can’t be bothered with people and therefore make crappy leaders. You overcome this?

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    • To a certain extent. I read an article once that said INTJs tend to stay in the background until it becomes absolutely necessary for them to take control of a situation, which pretty much describes me.

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  2. Ha–INTJs unite! Me, too. And to Jeff, there, above: I work by myself, for myself, and most of my fave people are in books, though I keep a select few of the fully-fleshed out human variety around for fun!

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      • I know working alone has its disadvantages, and some who do miss the camaraderie from colleagues, but it works for me! Best of luck on your career change. Btw, there’s a fellow blogger (Becca Carnahan from With Love, Becca) a humor/mom/career coach blogger, who has a ton of free career coaching resources at her blog. Just in case any would help you in your journey!

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