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The Best on WordPress

I’m glad I read Jeff’s post while standing in a long lunch line at Jersey Mike’s earlier today, both of his reading recommendations are spot on. I hope he shares more of his WordPress finds in the future!

The Other Stuff

I bailed on two more books last week. Something’s up. Either I’ve already read all the good books my library has to offer, or I’ve become too picky. I can’t find anything to read. I work in that library. Not as a librarian, but as a finance manager. I do the accounting, the budgeting, I shepherd the annual audit. I hole myself away in my office at 7:15 every morning and barely move until 4:30. I spend my days alone.

This schedule suits me. 7:15 may seem early, but my kids leave for school at 7:00, so we all walk out together. Plus, I’m the first one at work. I love walking into a dark, quiet building and flipping on only the lights I need to get to my office. I’m embraced and protected by my cocoon of illumination. I envision the morning commuters driving past my building and wondering…

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