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Strange Happenings in December

December is typically a month that horror fans and Halloween enthusiasts bemoan as the glitter encrusted, eggnog soaked, saccharine month of Christmas. I myself don’t mind the holiday itself, but the commercials, crowds, parties, and over wrought feel goodness that leads up to it can really wear me out.

Well fear not grinches, because there are plenty of things in December for us to look forward to. There’s Krampusnatch and the winter solstice to celebrate ( I’ll show you how as the month goes on), one more Friday the 13th, the brightest meteor shower of the year, and darker entertainment to enjoy. I’ve even got a list of Christmas horror movies at the bottom of this post.

So muster up some enthusiasm worthy of Gomez Addams, and enjoy December your way.

December 5th

Not much is known about the origins of the European holiday Krampusnatch, but we do know that it is celebrated the night of December 5th, before the feast of Saint Nicholas. The holiday pays homage to Krampus, the hairy, horned companion of Saint Nicholas who punishes misbehaving children.

December 7th

Linda Raedisch’s The Old Magic of Christmas takes reader’s through the legends, folklore, and creature’s that shaped today’s modern holiday traditions.

December 12th

Full Moon

December 13

Celebrate the last Friday the 13th of 2019 by watching Black Christmas. Director Sophia Takel co-wrote this remake of the 1974 classic with April Wolfe, and their re-imagining promises to be a more empowering version.

If you’re up late (or up before dawn on the 14th) you can also catch the peak of the Geminid Meteor Shower. It’s considered the best to watch due to its slower, brighter meteors.

December 19th

A partnership between BBC One and FX will bring a darker, three part retelling of A Christmas Carol to British and American audiences. Tom Harding is serving as both an executive producer and star of the series, although which part he will play as not been revealed. My guess? He’d playing Scrooge’s younger self in the memories each ghost reveals.

December 20th

I’m honestly looking forward to seeing both Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker and Cats on the big screen. Thanks to my grandparents, I’ve been a fan Star Wars and the musical Cats since childhood. Both films have weathered a lot of criticism before their release date, but I’m not letting that dampen my own enthusiasm. Even if I wasn’t a fan of Cats, a musical full of performers with digitally added animal hair is the kind of weird I live for.

The Witcher will also become available for streaming on Netflix. I don’t know if it can really replace Game of Thrones as some are suggesting, but I can’t wait to watch and decide for myself.

December 21st

Winter Solstice, the start of winter and the longest night of the year.

December 25th

Christmas Day

December 31st

New Year’s Eve

Christmas Horror Movies (all streaming on Amazon prime)

A Christmas Horror Story

Anna and the Apocalypse

Better Watch Out

Black Christmas

Dead End



Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Silent Night

The Children

The Nightmare Before Christmas (also streaming on Disney+)

Wind Chill


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