Strange Images
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Strange Images

A luna moth caterpillar I spotted on a morning jog last summer. Luna moths are fascinating because they only live for a week.

They emerge from a chrysalis, lay eggs, float around beautifully for a week, and then die. They don’t even have mouths to eat. This lifespan makes them rare to spot, even though they are fairly common. It also makes them a symbol of renewal and rebirth.

I find them inspiring because they are beautiful as moths, but also interesting as caterpillars. They are a reminder to me as a poet that even when you are working towards a goal, like publishing your work, you are still writer. You don’t have to wait until you emerge from a cocoon with a book to call yourself one.


  1. Oh my. Lunar sounds like it’s from the moon but it does look like an alien. 😉
    It’s amazing.

    Thanks for this. I’ve said this to writer friends many a time and it’s amazing to see their achievements. I’ve also now some writers for years and their talent and works are still buried in their bottom of a drawer somewhere. So sad.

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