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Lunch Break Playlist

This summer I’ve been locked in a battle of epic proportions with my building’s management company over the air conditioning. Despite the fact that everyone in the office is walking around and sweaters, I can’t get them to raise the temp above 69 degrees. It may not sound very cold, but it feels frigid after sitting at a desk for eight hours! Consequently, I prefer eating my lunch outside on the patio, headphones on, catching up on blogs I follow while I enjoy some fresh air and thaw out.

This week I’ve been listing to a witchy playlist inspired by Netflix’s The Chilling Adventure’s of Sabrina, which I’ve been catching up on in the mornings before work. It’s definitely making me pine for fall and Halloween! Check out my playlist, and comment below if you have a witchy song you would add!


Witchy Playlist

A Little Wicked, Valerie Broussard

I Put a Spell on You, Brigitte Wickens

Teeth, Lady Gaga

Suspiria, Goblin

Cry Little Sister, Marilyn Manson

Circles Out of Salt, Snow Ghosts

Black Magic Woman, VCTRYS

The Way That I Feel, Danielle Parente

Empire, Shakira

Bad Things, Jace Everett

Something Evil, The Hot Damns

Tainted Love, Ben Frost

List., Philco Fiction

You’re Somebody Else, flora cash

Building a Mystery, Sarah McLachlan

Move You, [SSSPII]

Elsa, The Valerie Project

The Red Woman, Ramin Djawadi



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