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When Words Fail

Every time a mass shooting occurs, I try to write a poem about how I feel. It never works The words never come together. The next best thing I can do is go someplace peaceful, preferably near water.  I find the sound of gently lapping water soothing, as many people do. It’s not quite enough to soothe the empty hollowness I feel every time I see another news story, but it helps.


I started writing this on Saturday after reading about the El Paso Texas shooting. I woke up on Sunday only to discovery there had been another in Dayton, Ohio. I didn’t have the heart to finish. I think my feelings at this point are best summed up by Conan O’Brian’s reaction to the Las Vegas shooting in 2017:


  1. Thanks for adding your voice to the WordPress chorus that is providing perspective to yet another shooting. Virtually every blogger I follow has written a post rejecting hate this week. If WordPress users were representative of the population, gun violence, racism and hate wouldn’t be the problem it is today.

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