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Finding the Unusual in the Routine

I always have a great time documenting my weekend adventures, but some of my most interesting photos are captured either going to or coming from work. Something about the quiet early mornings and occasional late nights lend themselves to spotting all kinds of interesting things that serve as writing inspiration.

I’ve spotted towering thunderclouds, tiny snails, Venus aligning with the Moon, unexpected commuters, and blazing sunsets. I find you can notice all kinds of strange and unusual sights when you’re looking for them, even in ordinary places.


  1. Wow, that beautiful cloud is also spooky. I like how you see the extraordinary when no one else is looking. (dusts off my camera — need to take you out, buddy, lol)

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  4. I love finding those moments among the everyday. I try and translate them more through words. I love your pictures. The snail is particularly compelling.

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  5. Sophiemagsblog says

    such beautiful photography, you can never get the same picture of the clouds twice and I love that out nature 🙂

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