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An eerie read from Padre’s Rambling.

Padre's Ramblings

shadows on the wall

Were they being followed?  Neither could be sure, but there was that uneasiness of feeling, like they were being watched.

Stan stopped and listened, Julie clenching his hand tightly.  Nothing.

They took a few more steps, was that an echo of their own footfalls or was it someone or something keeping pace with their movements?

“I knew we shouldn’t have come this way,” Julie whispered.

“But do you want to go back past whatever’s there?” he responded.

The clouds parted for a moment and a shadow of what seemed something human briefly fell upon the building they stood near.

Chills felt upon spines –

Trembling apprehension for

Shadows on the wall


Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, July 24th 2019, shadows on the wall

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