Strange Events
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Every month I post a list of events to look forward to; offbeat holidays, astronomy events, new movies, TV show, and book releases. My favorite item to research are the astronomy events. I’m always looking for something anyone can spot with the naked eye, no special equipment needed.

I do look for the astronomy events that I list, and even manage to capture a few with my camera phone. One of my best shots is from last spring, a crescent moon aligned with Venus. I also caught a glimpse of earthshine, sunlight that is reflected off the earth onto the dark side of the moon, slightly illuminating it. You have the chance to see it any time the moon is in a crescent phase, but the best months to spot it are April and May.

Although I didn’t quite capture it last night, I realized I had another photo where I did last winter, without even knowing quite what I was capturing. This is why I enjoy writing the Strange Events segment so much each month; I’m always learning something new, and finding new inspiration.

Keep an eye out for a new list for August next week!

The moon with Venus last May

The Hunter Constellation in March

Crescent moon and Venus in January

The moon and Jupiter

The dimming sunlight against my office building during 2017’s Solar Eclipse.


  1. josypheen says

    oooh, I hadn’t heard of earthshine before, but this is gorgeous! I will watch out for it. 🙂

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