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Three Genres to Read if You’re Burned Out This Summer

I have been bemoaning my lack of reading for months. No matter what novel I leave on my nightstand, it seems that between my full time office job and writing for this blog, I’m too tired to focus. So I’ve gone back to my bookshelves for books that are easier reading, and came up with three genres to read if your brain is a little burned out this summer.

Graphic Novels

The illustrations of a graphic novel make them easier reads when you’re tired, but that doesn’t keep them from touching on complex or darker themes. V for Vendetta and The Watchmen are both great reads if you need an easier read that still has adult storylines. Through the Woods is a beautifully illustrated anthology with darker stories.

Photography/Art Books

Books that center around a specific artist/photographer, magazine, or museum are great, because you get a lot of beautiful images and a little background on each one of them. I just picked up Elephant House, a photography book dedicated to the home of Edward Gorey, that I’m really looking forward to starting.

Epistolary Novels

Here I’m talking about books where the story is told by letters or other correspondence written by characters. One of my favorite examples of this is Nick Bantock’s Griffin and Sabine series. Bantock’s story unfolds in handcrafted postcards and illustrated letters between lovers separated by an ocean (and possibly more). Another great example is Bram Stocker’s Dracula, which incorporates letters, ship logs, diaries, and newspaper articles to tell the classic vampire tale.


  1. drkottaway says

    I adore cartoons: some manga but my favorites are the old Walt Kelly Pogo cartoons: such brilliant silly fun with language.

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  2. I’m glad you highlighted Dracula here. I didn’t know it was epistolary until a few years ago, when I finally picked it up. WAY more accessible than I had previously thought — now I try to tell my students about it!

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