Strange Happenings
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Strange Happenings in July

Each month I look for TV shows, movies, and events to look forward to. 

July 2nd

Peter Tremblay’s collection of short horror stories Growing Things and Other Stories debuts.

July 3rd

The new horror movie Midsomer, written and directed by  Ari Aster (Hereditary), is released in theaters. The film follows a couple as their visit to a small town in Sweden turns from relaxing to increasingly more disturbing. 

July 4
Season Three of  Stranger Things is available for streaming on Netflix. It’s summer in Hawkings, Indiana, and danger still looms over the town. The show’s characters will grapple with both impending adulthood and evolving evil.

July 9th

WGN debuts drama series The DisappearanceOriginally aired in Canada in 2017, the show centers around the abrupt disappeared of a 10 year old boy, and the unexpected impact it has on the rest of the family.

July 13

Embrace Your Geekness Day is always celebrated on July 13th. Whether your knowledge in and enthusiasm for is math or comics, show it off with pride today!

July 16

Full Moon.This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Buck Moon because the male buck deer would begin to grow their new antlers at this time of year.

Hollywood North: Life, Love, and Death in 6 Reels debuts. The novel is set in 1960’s Ontario Canada, where “hunting, fishing, arson, and drowning are the favored pastimes” and where “dogs maim, trains derail, planes collide, and people vanish”. 

July 28, 29

Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower. The Delta Aquarids can produce up to 20 meteors per hour at its peak and runs between July 12th through August 23rd. It is produced by debris left behind by comets Marsden and Kracht, and peaks this year on the night of July 28 and morning of July 29.

July 31st

Author J.K. Rowling‘s birthday

SundanceTV’s new true-crime docuseries No One Saw a Thing debuts. The show documents an unsolved case from the early 80’s that involves a man allegedly shot in front of 60 people who all deny witnessing a crime. The goal of the series is to shed light on vigilantism in small town America.



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