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How NaPoWriMo Completely Reshaped My Blog

Last year I made the impulsive, last minute decision to participate in National Poetry Writing Month, also known as NaPoWriMo. For the uninitiated, NaPoWriMo is a month long project occurring each April in which participating poets attempt to write a poem a day the entire month. Participants post a link to their website or blog to the NaPoWriMo website to show off their participation.

Although I had made myself a resolution to restart my creative writing, at about this time in 2018 I had not made any moves to fulfill it. The turning point for me was stumbling on a fellow blogger’s post about NaPoWriMo. It gave me the structure I needed to get started,  accountability, and support. The daily prompts provided invaluable inspiration, I began to connect with other writers, and the daily writing habit I gained carried on long after the month was over.

Ultimately it completely changed the focus of my blog from a hodgepodge of travel posts and photography to a writing blog that also catalogued my inspirations. I started with a series of horror haikus, and after the first month began to branch out into other forms and themes. This April I want to really challenge myself to complete more of the daily prompts, and expand my poetry even more.  Creative writing has become a newly found passion, and I’m looking forward to working on improving mine even more.

If your considering experimenting with poetry, I’d highly recommend using NaPoWriMo as your starting point!

Strange Happenings This Week:

Give Back:

Reach Out and Read encourages literacy in children by partnering with pediatric centers. A national organization, they advocate for reading to be incorporated into pediatric care. You can help by donating books, helping a site fundraise, hosting book drives, or becoming a volunteer reader.


Visit the NaPoWriMo archives and peruse the site’s poet interviews, featured poetry and sites, and past writing prompts.


Sunday, March 31st- If your up early, look for Venus shining brightly just before the sun rises.


Saturday, March 29th- PBS’s Great Performances series will air Phyllida Lloyd’s all female production of Julius Caesar. This version of the classic play sets the action inside a women’s prison.

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