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Shades of Grey

At the end of winter it can sometimes feel like spring is a fairytale instead of a season. We have the expectation that winter will immediately give away to warmer days but the reality is for many, spring is weeks of rain punctured by a few days of sun and flowers.

Things have felt especially great for me lately. Whether it’s the actual rain clouds over my head, long days at work, deciding if I can still listen to Michael Jackson’s music or not after watching Leaving Netherland, or tracking down the missing clothes my laundry service misplaced, it feels like the sun is never going to come.

But there is no need to lose hope just yet. The sun peeked out today from behind the clouds. I have plenty of musicians to admire. My laundry was found, and I have a five day weekend next week. Winter always ends. But if you need some extra greenery, consider any of the five films listed below. Some are longtime favorites of mine (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and some are new discoveries I can’t wait to try (Cargo).

Give Back:

The Center for Search & Investigations is a non-profit that assists families and communities in facilitating the search and location of missing children. They do not accept donations or fundraise, instead relying on a large volunteer base to operate. Volunteer’s fill a range of roles, from administrative, social media advocacy, and assisting with searches. Sign up to volunteer here.


One of my winter haikus was featured on Free Verse Revolution last month. You can read it here, be sure to browse the some of the other great poetry on their site!


Wednesday, March 13– Keep an eye out for the three morning planets — Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus — they will appear equally spaced before dawn. 


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Daughters of the Dust

The Little Prince



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