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Spring Training

When I was young and still attended church regularly, Lent was a big deal. I remember a priest referring to it as Spring Training for Catholics. I would get my forehead anointed on  Ash Wednesday with my Grandparents, and discuss at length with my sisters what to give up for the six weeks of sacrifice.

Which is probably way I have continued to observe lent long after I ceased to become a regular church goer. Other than Christmas, the solemn period of Lent, and celebration of Easter is the only other Catholic tradition that holds a lot of positive associations. Although now it has become more a period of self reflection, where I cleanse  my house of clutter that can be donated, try to shop less, and of course think of something to give up.

Give Back:

As is the case with other natural disasters, the best way to help victims of last weekend’s deadly tornadoes is to donate to established charities, like the East Alabama Chapter of the Red Cross.


It has been raining here in Charlotte for over a week, The constant precipitation reminds me of John Chu’s short story, The Water That Falls on You From Nowhere. Posted on, the premise is that it rains every time someone lies.


Thursday, March 7– Tonight presents an exceptional opportunity to see what astronomers call a “young Moon” — a slender crescent visible in the early evening sky. Look for an ashen light faintly illuminating the Moon’s dark side. This is “earthshine” — sunlight reflected by Earth that reaches the Moon and then reflects back to our waiting eyes.


Friday, March 8th- Captain Marvel is released in theaters. I am definitely looking forward to meeting the super hero Nick Fury signaled at the end of Infinity Wars.


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