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Cautiously Optimistic

In North Carolina, this is usually the time of year where winter lets things warm up, and then smacks us with one more winter storm. So far, the February weather has been pretty mild. It’s been warm enough for flowers to start blooming, and it looks like they might make it to spring without withering under a final icy blast. I appreciate the starkness of winter, but by this time of year, I’m ready for long days and warm nights again.

Give Back:

The National Domestic Violence hotline


Looking for a Valentine’s read? Skip the romance novels and enjoy Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman for free here, courtesy of The Poetry Foundation.


Sunday, February 17- If your up early, you can catch Venus and Saturn align before dawn.


If you haven’t caught the Netflix documentary Abducted in Plain Sight, it is a must watch. A stranger than fiction account of how an entire family fell victim to the grooming and manipulation of a dangerous predator, the film will leave you yelling at your TV and wondering if you could be fooled by someone as devious as Robert Berchtold.

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