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Haibun 6

I used to have a demon living at the base of my spine. When she felt like it, she would pierce my skin with a sharpened claw, cut a slit open, force her way out and crawl slowly up my back. She would cut the skin at the base of my skull and slide her claws in under my scalp, forcing me to listen while she whispered in my ear.

“No one wants you here,” she would whisper. “They can’t wait for you to leave,” she would hiss. She would continue to torture me until I fled wherever I was. Only then would she slither down my back again. Even when I was alone I couldn’t escape her. She would crawl out at night while I was in bed, whispering terrible things while I tossed and turned.

Until the day I caught her. Pinned her between my back and a wall. Reached over with one hand and sewed her mouth shut with black twine so she couldn’t hiss in my ear any more. She tried to fight back, tried to claw the twine out. She banged her head against the back of mine. She only grew weaker, but she still cling to me for days, weeks, years. Slowly fading until she finally shriveled up completely, and I brushed her off my back like a cobweb, flicking her into the wind.

exorcising her

no more painful, cruel whispers

peaceful solitude


Thank you Dverse for the prompt. I had been struggling to finish this one for a while, and adapted it as a haibun made it come together!


  1. Oh those insecurities! I’ve always had them and they torture like hell with their constant criticism and nasty comments. Your wiring is powerful in conveying those feelings, especially how the demon would ‘cut a slit open, force her way out and crawl slowly up [my] back… and slide her claws in’. It takes a lot to catch those demons out and shake them off. But the peaceful solitude is worth it.
    Thank you so much for joining us and I’m delighted the prompt helped you to bring it together.

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  2. I’ve had a similar demon in my spine. She has lived there (she is 98.5 years old) and tormented me and said the same thing: “You don’t belong.” I’m glad you got her gone. I still live with mine, but distance helps. Thank you. Powerful stuff you write.

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