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A Fixed Point in Time

If your a fan of the British TV show Dr. Who, you know that there are fixed points in time that cannot ever be changed, not even by time traveling Time Lords, without terrible consequences. Time and space itself could collapse.

Time Lords can however, create fixed points in time. An incredible power, to be able to designate an event  as unchangeable in a universe where time travelers often influence the course of history.

If I could choose an event to fix in time, it would most likely be an eclipse. Few events unite more people across counties and continents to look up and appreciate the same thing then these astrological events. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all of the photography, posts, stories and poems last Sunday’s incredible Blood Moon eclipse. I certainly was inspired to write some of my own!

Give Back:

In the wake of the government shutdown, national parks have fallen into disrepair while park rangers are out of work. The National Park Foundation has started fundraising in order to raise money to cover needed repairs and maintenance such as emptying trash and cleaning bathrooms. Volunteers can also sign up to help clean and maintain the parks.


One Day She’ll Darken: The Mysterious Beginnings of Fauna Hodel is the true crime memoir that inspired TNT’s upcoming limited series I am the Night. The book details Hodel’s difficult childhood marred by the stigma of being mixed race, and her search to discover her birthmother, which leads to unexpected discoveries about the rest of her biological family.


Mars remains highly visible during January in early the early evening. The red planet appears in the southwestern sky as darkness falls.


Sunday, January 28th- I Am the Night, starring India Eisley and Chris Pine, premieres on TNT. Directed by Patty Jenkins, who also helmed Wonder Woman and Monster, the show centers around a young woman seeking to learn more about her past and may be connected to the infamous Black Dahlia murder.

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