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The Benefits of Daydreaming

In a previous job one of the clients my company served was a very successful psychiatrist. He is one of the few that stands out still in my memory almost 8 years later because he was a very loud dresser, his most memorable outfit ( which he wore often) was a purple velvet suit paired with a frilly pirate shirt. When it rained he added an orange umbrella. When I knew him, he had a successful practice, taught at Harvard, and also offered consulting services to businesses. I like googling him everY once in a while, to see what other endeavors he’s up to.

Since then, it looks like he’s added author to his list of accomplishments. He’s published several books, and his latest revolves around an interesting concept; that setting aside time to be unfocused, without a set task, can lead to more creating thinking, and in turn, success.

From the book’s description on his website: “Tinkering with ideas and with things releases your mind to wander from a state of stuckness into a possibility frame of mind, triggering neural connections and new insights. Dabbling in a new endeavor—whether a hobby or fantasy—disrupts your habitual and reactive thinking, helping you find new solutions to old problems. Doodling can help you tap into another brain frequency to remove obstacles and create opportunities and inspiration.

Do I think that you necessarily need to buy this book to benefit from doodling and daydreaming? No. But I do think it is worth remembering as we start the new year with resolutions, plans, and fresh to do lists, to take time to relax and daydream as well. Who knows what it will lead to.

Strange Happenings This Week:

Give Back:

Many zoos accept donated Christmas trees after the holidays are over. The trees provide stimulation to some animals, like lions, because the trees produce catnip. For other animals like elephants, because the trees contain oils that aid their digestion.


Want to spark some fresh creativity in the new year? Check out this list from I’ve always wondered if number 8 really worked, maybe 2019 is the year I find out!


Thursday, January 3- The Quadrantid meteor shower reaches its peak tonight, around 9pm. The meteor shower can produce up to 120 meteors per hour.


Now Streaming on Netflix- Bird Box stars Sandra Bullock as a mother who must make a dangerous river journey with her children in the wake of a global apocalypse. To protect themselves from unseen dangers, they must remain blindfolded.


I’m currently entered in a haiku contest, and would greatly appreciate your vote. It just takes a few moments to cast a vote here, and the contest is open until January 10th. If you voted once already, the website will let you vote once every 24 hours. I’m currently trying to push into first place!


  1. Sounds like very interesting research/books. Along those lines, I’ve heard that doing something mindless (like the actions required to shower or take a walk) help us making interesting and creative connections, more so than if we drowned out that creativity by listening to a podcast on our walk. Love a good daydream!

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