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A Little Vindication

This week I’ve received some fantastic news. I’ve been waiting for weeks to find out whether or not I’ve received a promotion at work, and have finally been notified that I got the job. The application process was surreal, I applied via a video recording, and received an email confirming that I had been awarded the position. I never personally interacted with anyone.

Despite that strangeness, it’s an exciting opportunity for me. It’s a newly created position, essentially I’ll be acting as a district manager for seven locations instead of managing one. I definitely plan on celebrating this weekend!

Strange Happenings This Week:

Give Back:

Looking to give back during the holiday season? Wallet Hub has a helpful guide for making the most of your donation, a list of recommended charities organized by cause, and suggestions of non monetary donations here.


Wednesday, December 5- Get up about an hour before sunrise to spot Mars lining up with a crescent moon just above the horizon in the Southeastern part of the sky.


Friday, December 7th- Vox Lux, starring Natalie Portman, premiers in theaters. Charting 18 years in the life of a pop star, from humble beginnings to an attempt at a career comeback, the film shows important cultural moments through her eyes.


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