Strange Writing
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Quadrille 1

lightly drifting down

with a slight shimmer

silently in the night

coating the world outside

with pure white


leaving it unspoiled

calling one and all

to emerge

and be changed



bathed in white

in the light shimmer

falling in the night


Thank you dverse for this week’s prompt, writing a quadrille and incorporating a form of the word spoil,


  1. Late late late to reply☹️. We were out of town on an extended Thanksgiving Holiday.
    Delightful to find this Quadrille. I do think it quite magical. You’ve captured the silent, almost mystical beauty of a quiet eventime snow. It’s always so special to step outside and see it before there are footsteps marring its beauty. You’ve reminded me of how beautiful our country hills were after a new snow – when we lived in Iowa many many years ago😊

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