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My Facebook 10 Day Movie Challenge

Last week I got pulled into the Facebook movie challenge making the rounds. The rules are pretty basic:

10 day movie challenge. You are to post just an image, no explanation, from 10 movies that had an impact on you. 10 movies, 10 images, no explanations.

I normally don’t participate in tags, but I could not resist the lure of this one. I love movies. Like many things we fall in love with, they are tied to memories, the people I saw them with, and the places I watched them. Which made naming a list of of merely 10 movies that impacted me quite a challenge!

So I challenged myself to name films that I felt shaped my tastes and preferences, that essentially lead my to all the things I love and believe in today. After much thought and revision, I came up with the ten images above. Ten movies filled with misfits, heroines, gothic imagery, non linear story telling, social justice, mysteries, classical music and snow.

Have you played along as well? What did you notice about your list?

Strange Happenings This Week:


Friday, October 19th- Turn up your Hamilton soundtrack and have a pint of Sam Adams to celebrate America’s victory in the battle of Yorktown in 1781. The surrender of British General Lord Cornwallis to French-American forces effectively ended the Revolutionary War.

Give Back:

The Red Cross is spearheading relief for the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. Donations will go directly where help is needed the most.


The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout is probably the most fascinating non fiction book I have ever read. The author puts forth the theory that 1 in every 25 people is a sociopath, incapable of feeling remorse. The book delves deep into the ides of having a conscience, the motivations behind everyday behavior, and most importantly, how to deal with a real life sociopath.


Sunday, October 21- The Orionid meteors are a great reason to get up early this weekend. The annual shower peaks before dawn, and the Moon sets around 4 a.m. local daylight time, leaving nearly two hours of dark skies for observers. At its peak, the shower should produce up to 20 meteors per hour radiating from the northern part of the constellation Orion the Hunter.


Monday, October 22nd- Fathom Events brings an encore of National Theater’s Frankenstein, starring Benedict Cumberbatch.


  1. The Haunted Wordsmith says

    I am not on Facebook, but this seems interesting. I may have to post 10 for me 🙂 The only one in your list that I can’t name the movie is #6 (the middle square on the smaller ones)

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  4. Not seen the movie thing. Just 10 sounds like an impossible task! And to choose what influenced/shaped you, rather than just films you love. I Like your choices. My list would probably feature The Crow too, for various memories and connections 😉

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