Strange Thoughts
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Waking Nightmare

While I was working on tomorrow’s poem, a haiku about dreams, it suddenly occurred to me that I have only ever had one recurring dream. It was actually a hyper-realistic nightmare that I experienced on and off for about a year.

I would wake up in my apartment, thinking I heard a noise. Only I couldn’t open my left eye, or turn my head to see what made the noise. I always sensed that someone else was there. I would try to get out of bed, and walk towards the noise, but still couldn’t turn my head. Every time, I would wake back up before I could see what or who was in my apartment.

Except I was still dreaming. I could still hear someone in the room with me, but I couldn’t move my head or open my left eye. The dream would repeat two or three times before I woke up for real. The dream would only come after my husband had left for work early, and I had fallen back asleep.

The obvious explanation would be that I was uneasy being alone in my apartment, but I’m not sure. I never really felt fear when I hear the noise in my dream, it was only after I thought I had woken up and realized I was still dreaming that I became afraid.


Strange Happenings This Week:


Thursday, August 30th is Frankenstein Day, in honor of author Mary Wollenstone Shelley who was born on August 30,1797. Shelley wrote the book “Frankenstein” in 1818.


Saturday, September 1st, The star Algol in the constellation Perseus reaches minimum brightness at 4:52 a.m. EDT tomorrow morning. If you start watching in the evening, evening (it rises in the northeast shortly after 8 p.m. local daylight time), you can see its brightness diminish by 70 percent over the course of about five hours as its magnitude drops from 2.1 to 3.4. This eclipsing binary star runs through a cycle from minimum to maximum and back every 2.87 days.


Psychopomp is a quarterly, online publication that exists to showcase stories and art that challenge genre and form conventions with particular attention to work that deals with conceptions of passages, rites of passage, transitions, juxtapositions, and the betwixt and between.


Tuesday, September 4th- The Purge  premieres on USA/Syfy. The television installment of the horror franchise will follow a group of characters in a small town during the 12 hour Purge,  a single night in which all crime is legal.


Map your bird sightings with Your sightings become part of the shared global effort to map bird ranges. Open the eBird species map, enter a species name, zoom in, and click on a point to find your sighting.


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