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Appearances are Deceiving

I’m struggling a bit this week. A large part of my job involves working at the front desk of an office, in a customer service role. It requires that I ignore a lot of things that people say when their out in the reception area, conversations about news religion, politics, and other office pitfalls. My job requires me to remain neutral and pleasant, even in the face of unpleasant opinions that I don’t agree with.

It’s become pretty easy for me when it’s opinions on the news stories that loop endlessly on my office’s reception tv, but it’s become increasingly hard to ignore the ones that involve me. Just this week alone, I’ve been told that I seem too nice to deal with collections, I look too young to be the manager, and it’s a shame that I have to work, because I seem so nurturing. I should really be home with my children (I do not have any.)

Sometimes I feel like Kirsten Dunst in Interview With a Vampire, am old soul trapped in a child’s body. Admittedly, I do look younger then I am. I’m 34, but people often mistake me for 25. But the assumptions people will make because of that are starting to feel more and more exhaustive.

What do people assume about you because of your appearance? I’d love to hear other perspectives.

Strange Happenings This Week:


Women’s Equality Day, Sunday August 26th, commemorates the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, granting women the right to vote.


Saturday, August 25, Full Moon officially arrives at 7:56 a.m. EDT tomorrow morning, but it looks completely illuminated all night. You can find it rising in the east around sunset and then watch it climb high in the south by 1 a.m. local daylight time.


Friday, August 24, The Happytime Murders is in theaters.  An R-rated muppet movie from the son of Jim Henson, Brian Henson, the film follows a world where puppets and humans live side-by-side, and the puppet stars of the iconic TV show The Happytime Gang are the target of a serial killer.


Crisis Text Hotline is an organization that offers a free text line for people in crisis in the United States. The service is powered by volunteer Crisis Counselors who work remotely anywhere with a computer and secure internet connection.


  1. I have a baby face, with baby cuteness. At times I will toddle, and at times I look really well in the 54 years that I have survived. I am an adult child that also suffers from childhood burnout. Disabled and presently in my change (menopause), I am finally almost free of the abuse I have endured. Your post has inspired me to write about how I handle others. Check it out at Connected.

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  2. Doyouljs says

    You know that I know you and even though you are small in stature you are not weak and you also could debate the most ardent believe her into submission and it does not take children to be nurturing so never stop being who you are your individuality is what makes you precious .

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