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Found Poem 4

The European Vampire, the Creature of the Old World

And I realized

through my frantic

sobbing breathes

what it was I held in my arms

The two huge eyes bulged

from naked sockets

and two small, hideous holes

made up his nose

only a putrid, leathery

flesh enclosed his skull

The rank, rotting rags

that covered his frame

were thick with

earth, and slime, and blood

I was battling a

mindless, animated corpse

but no more


The idea behind a found poem is to take a paragraph from a book, and break it down into lines that form a poem.

I’ve been writing these with scenes from horror novels that don’t make it into their movie counterparts. This one is from Ann Rice’s Interview with the Vampire.


  1. very interesting and I liked how you structured the poem. my book club buddy and I do this crazy little thing that we pick a scene or part that stood out for us from the book we are reading for the club and write poetry on it, the way we see it interpreted. What you write here is so very close to what I am also composing for my feature at the GDG this week. the universe connects again and I am mystified! I am glad I stopped to read this.

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