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Strange Wednesdays: Eclipse Glow

This time last year much of United States was abuzz with anticipation for The Great North American Eclipse. Here in North Carolina, we experienced 99% totality, meaning the sun was covered almost completely by the moon. Although we didn’t experience the darkness you would see with 100% totality (that 1% makes a big difference) everyone gathered on the parking deck behind my building to watch was bathed in a beautiful, rosy twilight glow. In my original post, I compared sharing such a memorable experience with a group of enthusiastic people to literally wearing a pair of rose colored glasses.

A year later, I’m still  a trying to hold on to little bit of that glow. Since I can’t count on astronomic events to gather a group for me, I’ve had to seek them out. I’ve shared Dita von Teese’s review show The Art of the Teese with a rowdy crowd of burlesque fans, joined Matthew Borne’s cult following for a performance of The Red Shoes, mingled with exotic pet enthusiasts at Repticon, and attended a panel examining the psychology of villains at the Heroes Convention here in Charlotte.

This past Monday I added another event with a rabid fan base to the list, a taping of WWE’s Monday Night Raw. It was a wild spectacle that definitely kept the glow going, with an intense fandom that could rival Star Wars or Harry Potter. And fittingly enough, it featured an eclipse of sorts, in the form of upcoming wrestler Ember Moon‘s finishing move, a jumping top rope stunner called The Eclipse (pictured above.)

I’m working on a full post of the experience for Friday, but in the meantime I’d love to know what event you’ve attended that gave you your own “eclipse glow.”

Strange Happenings This Week:


Saturday, August 19th is National Honey Bee Day. Established by the Department of Agriculture in 2009 for beekeepers, as a way to promote honey and to encourage educational programs.


First Quarter Moon is Saturday, August 18th. In North America, the moon will appear 58% lit, and will appear to the right of the star Antares.

Read: The Go Dog Go Cafe is a Virtual Cafe here on WordPress where poets gather to meet and collaborate. I am especially fond of their Tuesday writing prompts!


Skip the studio version of Slender Man, and watch the true crime documentary Beware the Slenderman instead. It follows the attempted murder of a 12 year old girl at the hands of two of her friends, and the crimes connection to The Slender Man, an Internet myth with a huge cult following. If your unfamiliar with the strange online following of  Slender Man, catch up here.


The Granny Cloud is an organization that pairs volunteers with children with limited educational resources around the globe, exposing them to worlds and people far removed from themselves.


  1. took my time reading your post. enjoyed all the links especially as its all new and interesting to me. thank you for compiling them, I truly appreciate the gathering you have done. my eclipse glow was watching a movie about books and a book club. the one with a very long title. I loved it and now want to be on Guernsey and eat a potato peel pie!

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    • Thank you! I honestly had no interest in the WWE until I met my husband, and he got me sucked into it. It has definitely been interesting to see the way the role of women has evolved over the last ten years!


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