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Sloth Encounter

A few weeks ago I crossed a major item off my bucket list; meeting a sloth. I had always thought I’d be making a huge trip to South America to do so, but it turns out, it only took a 30 minute ride outside Charlotte.  A nearby tiger sanctuary  that I visit often recently acquired a baby sloth, named Ignacio, and has started offering brief encounters with him designed to get him more comfortable with people. Since the encounter was a 10 minute visit with a group of four, I immediately enlisted my sister and mom to join my husband and I, and we set an appointment.

My anticipation built to an almost unbearable height the two weeks before our visit, but it was all well worth the wait. The zoo had a very tailored structure to the visit, which maximized our time with Ignacio, but also kept his safety and comfort a top priority. The four of us sat in a row, and Ignacio was handed to us on a folded blanket. This way, we got to get a close look at him, pet his soft fur, and pass him from person to person without much movement from Ignacio himself, who seemed perfectly content to doze while we ogled him.

One employee graciously took about 80 pictures of the experience with one of our cell phones (no exaggeration!) Another supervised our interactions with Ignacio and gave us a little educational talk about sloths, which I admittedly don’t remember much of, as I was too dazzled by Ignacio to pay much attention. It was definitely a memorable experience.

Strange Happenings This Week:


Saturday, August 4th- International Clown Day is always the first Saturday of International Clown Week. If you find clowns friendly and fun, tracking down a local circus performance might be a great way to celebrate. If you fear them as much as I do, watching It half hiding behind a pillow may be more appropriate.


Mars may have officially come at opposition in July, but it is still much closer to the earth then it usually is and won’t be this close again September 2035. It will be an amazing site to see the entire month of August.


Wednesday, August 1st- The Sinner returns to USA Network for season 2. I was very impressed with the first season, for a summer show it featured outstanding acting and a really compelling mystery.  Although executive producer Jessica Beal will not be back to portray Cora, since her character’s story wrapped up last season, Bill Pulman will be back as Detective, investigating a whole new crime.


Warm Up America collects completed blankets and 7×9 crocheted squares that its volunteers assembly into quilts that are donated to hospitals, shelters, and disaster relief organizations. Occasionally they have a need for other items such as knitted or crocheted blankets, scarves and hats.


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