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I Drink and I Learn Things

Ever since I started getting into writing poetry and fiction again in April, I have been looking for avenues to improve my writing. Unlike fellow blogger Jeff Cann, I’m not brave enough to face a group of “real writers” in a work shop or conference yet, so I’ve turned to the internet in search of learning opportunities. After looking into a couple of different forums, I’ve settled on EdX. It’s a website that offers Mass Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from Ivy League and other renowned universities. The courses offered cover everything from essay writing to neuroscience, and you can audit many of them for free.

I started off with the intention of enrolling in a couple of writing courses, but quickly escalated into joining seven courses covering English for Journalism, Humanity Through Literature, Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, Introduction to Social Psychology, Introduction to Philosophy: God, Knowledge, and Consciousness, How to Write an Essay, and Poetry in America: Modernism. I was like a kid in a knowledge candy store.

I guess I’m taking more of a Tyrion Lannister approach to learning. Read and learn as much as possible, and it will keep your mind sharp and provide you with an arsenal of knowledge to use later. If you’re supposed to write what you know, best to know as much as possible. Although I’ll probably favor green tea over Tyrion’s drink of choice, red wine. Otherwise I’m not sure how much of this new knowledge I’ll retain!

Strange Happenings This Week:


Sunday, July 22nd- Hammock Day is the perfect laid back summer holiday to celebrate by kicking back and relaxing.


Thursday, July 19- First Quarter Moon occurs at 3:52 p.m. EDT. By the time the Sun sets this evening for North American observers, the Moon appears in the south-southwest. Look for 1st-magnitude Spica to the Moon’s lower right and brilliant Jupiter to its left, the trio will make for some lovely star gazing.


Thursday, July 19- Trial & Error: Lady, Killer returns to NBC for its second season. A hilarious documentary style spoof of true crime TV shows, I can’t wait to see if season 2 packs in as many laughs as season 1. All of the actors are great, but Sherri Shepard steals the show as a legal assistant afflicted with an increasingly strange lists of syndromes.


Attention members of the grammar police! Project Gutenberg has a job for you. They are looking for proofreaders to edit copies of books being added to their selection of free E-books with expired copyrights. Other ways you can help are sourcing eligible books, or burning CDs for those without the internet. Get all the details here.


  1. L. Thanks for this. I actually wrote a comment earlier on my phone but it seems to have hiccuped and not posted. I while back I tried out Scribophile as a place to exchange commentary on writing pieces. You actually earned the right to post something when you had accumulated enough points by reviewing other’s writing. I didn’t last long. The feedback I got wasn’t very useful, and I’m really just learning how to give others feedback on what they’ve written.

    I’m going to look into your online class. This workshop should be helpful, but I definitely don’t have the time or funds to do something like this more than once a year.

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    • Awesome, I hope it helps! I can definitely see how giving feedback to other writers would be difficult, I know I still have a lot to learn and would find it hard to advise others as well.

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  2. Hi L.,

    Just a few words to let you know that I have volunteered for Project Gutenberg after having read your post. For quite some time I have enjoyed their Victorian and Edwardian novels and short stories that I use to download on my e-reader, so I guess this is my way of showing my appreciation of this great project. And I must confess the work can become very addictive. Are you also a volunteer?

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    • That’s so awesome, thank you for letting me know! I love to hear that the organizations I feature each week resonate with someone. I do not volunteer with them myself, as I am a terrible speller, but I do appreciate their work as a Kindle owner myself!

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  3. I have to write a post of my experience studying creative writing many years ago in college. I studied with a few published writers, one of them, Jim Burnstein, who brought in part of a screenplay he was working on. He was hoping Tom Hanks would play the lead. Penny Marshall actually produced his movie just a couple years later, Renaissance Man with Danny Devito. I used to love to write. A number of us from one of our classes hung out for years encouraging each other in our writing. They were the best group of people, not intimidating at all. I would not be intimidated by any artists because good ones would never look down on anyone starting out. I never used my blog for any creative writing yet but have books of poems and stories decades old. 🙂

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