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Crafting Some Cheer

I’ve taken a bit of a blow this week at work. Nothing that threatens my job, just a cancelation of a project that, long story short, I put a lot of work into preparing for. Everything was scheduled for this weekend, and it was abruptly cancelled yesterday afternoon. It was disappointing to say the least, and leaves me with a whole new workload to deal with. I didn’t feel like writing at all yesterday.

So I turned instead to one of my favorite hobbies, crafting, and spent the night making a magnetic paper doll set. I just find cutting things out with scissors so soothing. I’ve posted a couple of the sets I’ve made before, so this isn’t a how to post, just a reflection on the importance of taking a break to enjoy the strange, silly things that cheer you up when your feeling down, whatever they are.

Feel free to comment with yours!

Strange Happenings This Week:


Thursday, June 28th- International Body Piercing Day celebrates the birthday of Jim Ward, the “grandaddy of modern body piercing”


Saturday, June 30th-

Mars appears alongside a crescent moon 15 minutes after sunset.

If you live near 30° north latitude, today marks the latest sunset of the year.


Tuesday, July 3rd- Fireworks, an anime Sci Fi fantasy exploring the perils of changing the past through a teenage romance, is in theaters for a three night 4th of July event.


The Kino Border Initiative relies on both mailed/in kind supply donations and monetary donations to provide humanitarian relief to deported migrants.

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  1. I love your paper dolls–this girl with the cat is fantastic. I’m sorry she resulted from work disappointments, and I understand not wanting to write after. But I’m glad you had this crafting outlet and that you’re back on the blogging and writing horse!

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