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On the Street

Branching off from last week’s post about street photography and my impromptu photo contest, I rounded up some street sights of my own. From strolling on vacation, my old commute in Boston, to wandering locally in Charlotte, NC, here are some of the unique sights I’ve spotted from the street.

Don’t forget to enter your own entry for my street photography contest! Details here.

Ft. Myers, Florida

Honolulu, Hawaii

Firebird Sculpture in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC

Boston, Massachusetts


  1. Hi Everyday Strange, I must say you have a very unique site! Dedicating your life to finding oddities lends itself to infinite possibilities. I love the segmentation of your site, it is clear and easy to navigate. I went to your About page but couldn’t find a place to leave comments so apologies if I’m leaving a random comment here.
    This is purely me, I tend to want to connect with the blogger behind the blog, and a quick way to do that would be to call them by name. I’m not sure if you are willing to share with us who the person behind Everyday Strange would be about?
    Overall an excellent site and I wish you all the best in keeping up the great work!!!

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