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Into the Jaws of Social Media

I made the leap to Facebook this week, and while I am finessing the details on my new blog page, I’m weighing my feelings on the move.  On one hand, I’m excited to put my writing in a new avenue, but I also fee a little trepidation. Publishing posts solely on WordPress and sharing a few things on Instagram has felt like swimming in a small, safe school of supportive fish. Now I feel like I’m throwing my blog out into the open ocean of the internet, where anyone can find/judge it.

If you’ve shared your blog or other work on Facebook, did you have the same worries? Did it turn out positive for you?


Strange Happenings This Week:


Tuesday, June 19th- National Sauntering Day. Created by a hotel PR director working at a Mackinac Island, Michigan hotel, Sauntering Day is a day to stroll with “casual, yet stylish, form of movement.”


Thursday, June 13th- If you live near the 40° north latitude, today marks the earliest sunrise of the year. Although the Northern Hemisphere’s longest day doesn’t occur until Earth’s summer solstice a week from today, earliest sunrise happens several days before and latest sunset several days after.


Now streaming: If you’re like me and you watched Marcella on Netflix back in 2016, get excited, because season two is finally here.

Friday, June 15th- Tag, a film based on a stunningly true story of four friends playing a 30 year long game of tag, is in theaters.

Tuesday, June 19: Season 5 of of Drunk History is back on Comedy Central.


The United Way‘s website has a whole section dedicated to listing local volunteer opportunities, and lets visitors to the site search by zip code.


  1. Good luck on FB; I’ll have to find you there, too. I haven’t had much luck with my FB page. I post my WP blogs there and generally post what I’m currently reading and shorter/sillier stuff than what I blog about. But I find that people don’t visit FB to read posts of any length at all. I really like the community of WP.

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    • Thanks for the honest opinion! I started mine partly out of necessity to have a business instagram account, and now I’m trying to make the most of it!


  2. I saw another blogger great a facebook page for her blog and I thought ‘great idea’. So I did the same. Because people on facebook didn’t become friends with me because they want to read my blog posts, I only publicized my page once. I got 5 likes. In the 8 months since, I’ve gotten 2 more page likes. I only know of one person who reads my blog because of facebook, and he’s on facebook all the time. People on facebook don’t like to read. They like to look at pictures and be told what to think. Bitter? Maybe.

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    • I guess so… I had to make the page out of necessity so I could have a business instagram account. In a weird way your experience is almost reassuring, since I am now no longer worried about this faceless horde of Facebook users judging my blog harshly… that almost seems narcissistic in hindsight.

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  3. AggieSoon says

    Perhaps try using the networks you already have on Facebook? I post my blog stories on my personal account to friends and family, and I have been encouraged by their support. Even if it is only my mum who reads it sometimes!

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  4. I totally understand! It felt very odd starting a blog facebook page. Since my posts are largely humor based it has been easy to find other content to share and it has brought increasing traffic back to my blog. I’d love to follow your page! Your Muse of the Day posts are some of my favorites in my inbox.

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  5. I have a Facebook Page- I find it goes through ups and downs. I have loyal people who interact a bit more with likes and the odd share- and it does drive traffic depending on the post topic…but not insane amounts… I see other bloggers who have more successful FB pages but I am sure they are in the game a bit better than I am when it comes to maintaining the page and updating content etc.. I need to figure it out a bit better. It’s the same with Twitter and Instagram with me- I feel like a tiny fish compared to most- but I just keep swimming. 😉

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