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The Many Legged Menagerie

I’ve mentioned once before that my sister owns a tarantula named Irene Adler, and they both lived with my husband and I for a brief period of time. Since then, my sister has started an Instagram account @irene.the.tarantula, documenting Irene’s daily activities as her human underling. Her newer pets, a second tarantula and a peppered cockroach, occasionally make an appearance as well.

Recently she mentioned that Irene was feeling a little left out, because I hadn’t written a horror Haiku for her yet. So to appease… Irene… I have written her a haiku. I’m also featuring photos of her and her friends from her Instagram account today, and interviewing her human underling (my sister) on what to know if you are interested in owning a tarantula yourself.

L.Stevens: How long can tarantulas live?

Human Underling: A tarantula can live between 10 to 30 years.

LS: Do they have any special temperature requirements?

HU: They can live at room temperature, between 70 to 80°. Their humidity level should be between 60 to 70%. Tarantulas do not need any specific heat lamps or light sources.

LS: What do they eat?

HU: Depending on the tarantula size they will eat 2 to 3 large crickets a week.

LS: Anything else we should know?

HU: Tarantulas are either terrestrial and live on the ground or arboreal and live above ground and stay towards the top of their terrarium. Some are much more aggressive than others, so it’s important to research before you buy one.

LS: What is a good resource for potential spider owners?

HU: I have a book that’s much more reliable than most websites, Tarantulas and Other Arachnids: A Complete Pet Owners’s Manual. Reptile conventions are a great way to buy a tarantula from a reputable breeder, and they are also a great source of information.


    • Thank you! I thought she was crazy at first when she bought Irene, but they turned out to be more interesting than expected!


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