Strange Writing
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Response Poems

While I am working on some longer pieces of writing, I wanted to share a couple of poems that were written in response to poetry I have previously posted. Jeff and Ellen both write great blogs that I read regularly, please check them out!

Original Poem:

Early morning run

Silken strands cling to my cheeks

Frantic spider check

Response– Jeff Cann- The Other Stuff.

As a trail runner,

I know this feeling quite well.

Spiders creep me out.

Original Poem:

There once was a keen bat

As blind as a door mat

He used his ears

To bring prey to tears

Never leaving his belly flat

Response– Ellen- Ellen’s Blog

Ellen’s Response:

There once was a poet named Strange

who showed a remarkable range

and despite some reproaches

for her display of roaches

We hope that she never will change!!!!


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