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Every Disguise is a Self Portrait

Like many new bloggers, I started writing anonymously. It was easier to post my writing if no one knew who I was, and it gave me an easy out if I didn’t stick with it. I really began to understand why Emily Dickinson hid the majority of her poetry until her death. Originally, I didn’t even want to reveal my gender. I thought of my blog as an alter ego of sorts, a disguise. But as BBC’s version of Irene Adler would tell you, there is one main flaw for every  disguise, “However hard you try, it’s always a self-portrait.”

Which is exactly what my blog has become, a mix of the quotes, music, and places that inspire me, and the writing that results. So I’ve decided to move from writing anonymously to writing under my name. Sort of. My first initial, last name. I am after all, a bored office worker who still wants to pretend she has an alias. That aside, it was starting to feel a little silly to write anonymously when my about page was titled Embrace Your Strange. It’s time that I truly do so.

Strange Happenings This Week:


Tuesday, May 22nd- World Goth Day. Originating in the U.K. in 2009, it is now a global holiday celebrating Goth Culture.


Thursday, May 17th- A sliver of the Moon appears to the left of Venus this evening. You might also notice earthshine — sunlight reflected by Earth that reaches the Moon and then reflects back to our waiting eyes lighting the Moon’s dark side.


Friday, May 18th- Deadpool 2 out in theaters. The rudest R-rated super hero in the X-Men universe returns.


Earth Day is May 26th, and Volunteer Match has a global directory of volunteer opportunities.


  1. Congratulations on outing yourself. If you’re anything like me the stress will be almost unbearable but the reward will offset the bad.

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    • Thank you. It was becoming more difficult to write, because I was constantly weighing what I should or should not include. I’m hoping this will be more freeing.

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  2. Nel says

    Nice to meet you L. Stevens 🙂 I love your shades and cheering you on for embracing your strange! Also, can’t wait to see Deadpool 2!

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  3. Congrats! It’s nice to meet more of the real you. And with this post you introduced me to the coolest thing and word I’ve heard in a while: earthshine. Awesome. I’m always learning something new here. Thanks!

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    • Thank you! I hadn’t heard of Earthshine either before I read up on what was happening in the sky this week, I’ll definitely be looking for it.


  4. Well hello! I’ve often wondered if being semi-anonymous did my blog more harm than good. But because I’m a bit of a hermit and I share the name of an established author, I felt I needed to find an alternative. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to work out my real name. The clues are all there 😉 I now think the anonymity helps with my presentation style, and I’ve started to have a bit of fun with not showing my real face 🙂 Congratulations on being brave and I hope it helps you continue to grow your blog as you want it 🙂

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  5. Congrats! I have wished many times that I had started an anonymous blog instead. It can be so hard to put your name and face out there but it’s worth it! 🙂

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  6. Funny, I think most writers kind of feel the need for a penname and not being completely open. I was the same, not even people close to me knew about my blog or writing as it was like a safe place to release feelings. But, like you it is now a place to share the inspirations that have helped me through life and that alone has opened me up to be more me and share it with the world as well in my writing. You never know who you can inspire or encourage.

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  7. Now I’m wondering why I assumed that a bug photo meant you had to be a man! Is that my age showing? But more important, you are now fully being yourself (or as much as we ever get to be). I once “came out” on a health support chat site … it felt good to be myself out loud. So good for you, and welcome. And to hell with the FBI!

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  8. I always enjoy reading posts that deal with the meta-issues of blogging. One of the biggies does deal with anonymous vs not or somewhere in the middle. Between your picture and last name, given today’s big data world, I’m guessing you’re now pretty public. I’ve dabbled on this issue and decided to stick with anon for now. And I really appreciate how you approached the topic. Thanks.

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  9. Interesting read! Thank you for sharing.
    I have never been an anonymous blogger but I’ve never told anyone that I have a blog or shared anything on my personal social media accounts. I have been considering it for the past few months so enjoyed reading!
    Can I ask if you share your blog now with friends and family/social media? 🙂

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