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The Night Creatures

Every evening my husband and I go for a walk on the trail that runs through an undeveloped swath of our neighborhood. Partly for exercise, but also to look for the wildlife that creeps out once the sun begins to set. We usually see rabbits and the occasional snake, but this past week we’ve noticed something new.

In the stream the runs parallel to the trail, a pair of beavers and their den. Which why I love our evening walks, we are always discovering something new. Many of the photos that accompany my horror haikus are actually taken while out on our trail.

Visit me here on instagram to see a video of these adorable beavers in action.


  1. Nel says

    That beaver is huge! So nice that you and your husband go on these evening walks. Thanks for sharing one evening with us! 🙂

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    • Ha! My husband is terrified of them, but I always think it’s super cool when we get to spot one. Although to be fair to my husband, I’m pretty sure this was a copperhead, which is poisonous.

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      • I showed him the pictures and apparently, we need to move to somewhere more ‘outdoor exciting’ so he can find snakes and beavers too.

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