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Japanese Tea Ceremony

When I was a senior in college I attended a two week study tour in Hawaii. The collage had lectures for us to attend and activities planned, including visiting Pearl Harbor, a replica of a Japanese temple, and an art museum.

One surprise on the trip was attending a Japanese Tea Ceremony on campus. Scheduled last minute, it became a highlight of my trip. It gave us the opportunity to visit the university’s tea house, Jaku’an, where thousands of students have been studying the art of the Japanese tea ceremony since the 1970s. It’s one of the first tea houses constructed outside of Japan. The tea house and the tea ceremony were both simple and beautiful, and I felt lucky to take part in it.


  1. Nel says

    That’s so cool! Did it make you want to go to Japan after? Japan is on my bucket list! Cool pictures. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Thanks for sharing that. I’ve been to Hawaii but not as a tourist so missed that experience. It’s clearly strongly remembered, and I loved the photos. I’m going to make them bigger on the screen and see if I can smell the tea!

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