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Close to Home V

My day job has been busy this week, and although most of it has been positive, it has been a little draining. Fortunately, the arrival of spring has brought all sorts of little critters that brighten my work week mornings. From a nefarious wasp staring me down while my coffee brews to the loudest bird in my parking garage, I’ve spotted a whole variety of tiny creatures (and flowers) that add a little extra cheer to my day.


  1. hopelesswonderer says

    it sucks that its been so draining but at least all this freshness with spring is beaming with joy!x

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  2. Timelesslady says

    It’s always fun to find kindred spirits in this world through blogs. I am also uplifted by birds and bugs of all kinds. Great post.

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  3. Nel says

    Wow! I’ve never seen a snail like that before. How cool! I’m glad you’re getting real Spring and I hope my state is right behind you on that front. 🙂

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